Cultural Victorian Events in 2019

This year we celebrate the Bicentenary of both Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, two members of the monarchy who left an indelible finger print on English society. It has been 200 years since the birth of these legendary historical figures and by celebrating this landmark we can take time to appreciate just how much things have changed since then. Although the spirit of Victorian music hall lives on in current performers and television hosts, there are very few places today that you can find true music hall performed live.

Thankfully, there’s still a strong passion for the Victorian era amongst the British public fuelled by period television series and films. British people look back to the Victorian era with a certain nostalgia. After all, this was a time when the British Empire was exactly that, an Empire. Through aggressive colonisation, Britain had created trade routes throughout the world and prospered greatly from them in the process. Flash forward to today and whilst the trade routes still exist, Britain’s reputation is waning somewhat in its popularity amongst the world.

To celebrate the Queen’s Bicentenary there will be a number of landmark events held around the country, head down to one of these to appreciate just how beloved this royal was:

Llandrinod Wells 38th Victorian Festival

19th-25th August 2019

As the name suggests, this festival is something of a mainstay in the Llandrindod cultural calendar and its become more popular over the years. Whereas some events might rely on a marketing company in Liverpool to promote their events online, this festival has kept afloat on the basis of word-of-mouth success alone. During the day visitors can take part in a costumed tea dance, talks and play. Whereas during the night there are torchlight processions and balls.

Tickets can be purchased by following the instructions on this website.

Milton Keynes Museum Victorian Weekend

22nd-23rd June 2019

There’ll be an opportunity to get a taste of true Music Hall at this year’s Victorian Weekend, as well as street-side performances from ‘ragged Victorians’ who will be representing the ‘low-life’ side of Victorian society. Enjoy a fully functioning Victorian fairground featuring the mysterious Marcus Island Mermaid, not to mention a spooky insight into the world of Jack the Ripper and army parades for the soldiers of the Victorian Military Society. Best of all, you can enjoy high tea with Queen Victoria herself, just make sure to make your booking well in advance.

Phone the museum on 01908 316222 to book tickets. 

Prince Albert: Science & the Arts on the Page at the V&A

Until 1st September 2019

As part of the V&As Bicentenary programme there’ll be an exhibition exploring Prince Albert’s relationship with the library of the South Kensingon Museum. The Prince made many contributions to the library over including a number of books that he chose to contribute to the public. His belief in the importance of science and the arts is explained in what this fascinating exhibition.

Admission is free to the V&A.